Monday, 14 May 2018

Acupuncture is cost effectivewith no side effect treatment for medical and emotional issues

The acupuncture treatment is based on the premises that any blockage in the free flow of energy in our bodies causes various medical and emotional crises and the only way to cure the issues is to remove the blockage of energy. In the acupuncture the blockage is removed through the use of fine needles that are inserted into the strategic points on the body. These points are on the meridian, which are the energy flow channels of the body.

The acupuncture treatment is based on the Chinese philosophy that free flow of energy is necessary for a healthy body and mind. Any blockage in this free flow of energy called’ qi’ in Chinese leads to various health problems. When a fine needle is inserted in the body at the selected point, it removes any blockage in the flow of energy and promotes the flow of energy throughout the body of the client or patient.  The treatment promotes the natural healing system of the body to work and provides relief to the patient. The biggest advantage of The best acupuncture treatment in Delhi NR  is that it deals with both cause and symptoms of the diseases. When the nervous system is stimulated by the insertion of needles it helps the brain to release certain chemical promoting the natural healing of the body.

The acupuncture treatment does not involve the use of any medicine or drugs, which makes it highly effective with no side effect. The duration of the treatment depends on the chronic disease. Generally ,the acupuncture treatment is taken for  body pain , muscle pain , headache , frozen shoulder , mood swings , depression , anxiety , back pain , lower back pain , arthritis , neck pain , and for any sexual issues of male and female .

The treatment by the Best acupuncture doctor in Delhi NCR  is provided in sessions, each session lasting from 30 to 40 minutes or more, if the doctor decides. The patient has to attend the session daily or on alternate days. The first sign of improvement comes in the first few sessions itself. The points for insertion of the fine needles are selected according to the nature of the diseases. The points can be more than one on the various parts of the body. The benefit of the treatment from the  experienced acupuncturist is that he or she knows the exact location of the point related to diseases, which brings faster results.

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